Summer is finally here, bringing its share of sunny days and memorable moments with family and friends. To help you make the most of the summer season, we’ve put together a list of 6 must-haves for your wardrobe and home.

1. The perfect summer dress

Whether it’s for a special evening, a romantic date or a night out on the town, a summer dress is a must-have for enjoying the warm weather stylishly. Opt for lightweight fabrics, such as linen, colorful patterns, flowers or bright stripes to add a touch of playfulness!

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  •  San Francisco

2. A hat that adds style

Protect yourself from the sun while adding a touch of glamour to your outfit with a trendy hat. Whether you prefer a classic straw hat or a cap, find one that suits your personal style.

  •  Urban Planet
  •  Ardene
  •  Sports Experts

3. A cocktail set

What would summer be without a few cocktails to enjoy on the terrace or by the pool? Make sure you’re perfectly equipped in your kitchen with a set of glasses in various sizes, a mixer, a jigger, and a juicer to add a splash of sunshine!

  •  Stokes

4. A decorative touch for your terrace

Transform your terrace into a peaceful have with a few well-chosen decorative touches. Lanterns, colourful cushions, potted plants and a string of lights can instantly transform your outdoor space into a relaxing and fun oasis.

  •  HomeSense

5. A picnic set

Make the most of the warm weather by organizing picnics in parks or by the water. Prepare a complete picnic set, including tablecloth, plates, glasses, cutlery and, of course, delicious treats to share.

  •  Stokes
  •  Dollarama
  •  LinenChest

6. Colourful pool accessories

Brighten your days at the pool with colourful accessories. Opt for exotic beach towels, sunglasses, vibrant beach bags and trendy sandals are your must-haves this summer.

    •  Aubainerie
    •  Globo


With these 6 must-haves, you’re all set for an unforgettable summer filled with fun, relaxation and good times. Visit (center) to find everything you need to spend quality time outside!

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