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Plan your meeting with Santa!


Give your child the unique opportunity to meet Santa at the mall, thanks to our appointment platform dedicated to this experience. A tool specially designed to create an unforgettable, personalized moment for your child.


Here’s how to make an appointment with Santa:

  • Click on this link to access our online booking platform.
  • Follow the registration and booking process.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Don’t forget to add this appointment to your digital calendar so you don’t miss out on this magical moment. We’ll also send you an SMS reminder the day before your appointment.


On the day of your appointment, follow these instructions for a memorable experience:

  • Santa Claus will be waiting for you in his kingdom at the shopping center.
  • Please arrive only 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • As soon as you arrive, signal your presence to the elf at Santa’s Kingdom

Thank you for being punctual! The magic of Christmas is waiting for you

Any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Take advantage of this festive season to make every moment memorable!


Frequently asked questions


Below you’ll find a number of answers to your questions about meeting Santa from the appointment platform at your shopping center.


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask your center’s Customer Service or the Kingdom’s elves. They’ll be happy to help.


Do I need to reserve a place to meet Santa?

We strongly recommend that you reserve your place in advance to facilitate your visit with Santa. You can also go directly to your center and ask the kingdom’s elves to reserve a place for you among the remaining ones.


How can I find out when Santa is available?

By going to the appointment platform and reserving your place, you’ll be able to view Santa’s availability. You can then choose the date and time that suits you best. Please note, however, that places are limited and we cannot guarantee the availability of your desired slot. We may also close the kingdom without notice in the event of force majeure. If this is the case, rest assured that you will receive an e-mail informing you that your appointment has had to be cancelled.


Are appointments only available per family?

Yes, meetings with Santa Claus are offered on a family basis only. You’ll need to register your children individually and then choose to book a family meeting when you book your appointment. Only one family photo will be available. Please note, however, that the duration of the appointment is the same for everyone, even if there are several children at the same time slot. Please allow 3 minutes per family.


Is it possible to meet an English-speaking Santa?

Santa’s appointment platform is available in both French and English. However, if you would like your child to meet an English-speaking Santa Claus, please check with the selected shopping center to see if the service is available in both languages.


Will we receive a message to remind us of our appointment?

The elves have thought of everything to make sure you don’t miss your appointment with Santa! They’ll send you an e-mail 24 hours before your appointment, as well as an SMS message to remind you of the date and time of this magical moment.


What if we can’t make our appointment?

If you can’t make your appointment, you’ll need to cancel it by clicking on “My appointments / Cancel my appointment”. You can then simply book a new appointment for your child.


Is it free to meet Santa Claus?

Yes, meeting Santa at your shopping center is free of charge. If you’d like to preserve this spontaneous and magical moment, you’ll have the option of purchasing a souvenir photo of your child with Santa. Several packages are available. Please refer to the information and services offered directly on the partner mall’s website.


What if we don’t receive the photo we bought?

If you encounter any problems and would like us to assist you with your request, we invite you to write to:


Can I use my personal camera to take a photo?

Yes, you are allowed to take personal photos as part of your booking.


Can our child ask Santa questions?

Each meeting with Santa will be personalized. Your child will be invited to chat spontaneously with Santa for approximately 3 minutes.


Will our child receive a gift when he or she meets Santa?

Santa has a special surprise in store for every child who comes to visit him at the Kingdom.


How old does our child have to be to be eligible to meet Santa?

There are no age restrictions for meeting Santa. Everyone, young and old, who believes in Santa Claus, is welcome!


Can my child meet Santa a second time?

Yes, your child can come back to meet Santa a second time. However, please note that only one appointment can be active in your account at a time. You’ll need to complete your first appointment before you can schedule a second.


Terms of use

The shopping center is one of the commercial partners using the Santa Claus by appointment platform to offer a free experience to its customers during the holiday season.

The appointment platform is owned by Audace & Co. For more information or to submit a request, please contact

We wish you a magical encounter that lives up to your expectations.

Happy Holidays!

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